malvasia puntinata

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Lazio Bianco


Malvasia del Lazio (o Malvasia Puntinata)

Clima e terreno

I vigneti sono localizzati nelle campagne di Cori, alle pendici dei Monti Lepini, sotto l’influenza delle correnti marine che giungono dal litorale Laziale. Questo garantisce estati calde ed asciutte seguite da autunni freschi e ventilati, con forti escursioni termiche tra il giorno e la notte durante il periodo di maturazione delle uve. I terreni, di origine vulcanica, sono argillosi di medio impasto, con un equilibrato apporto di sostanze nutritive, che consentono lo sviluppo di una viticoltura di qualità



Malvasia del Lazio, one of the largest white grape varieties in our region, which finds the best expression in our territory, thanks to the passion and care devoted to its cultivation, as it represents the synonym and the historicity of the quality of Lazio. A great variety, almost abandoned and left into the background in recent decades, due to its fragility and its low yields, these features have been only revalued with the rediscovery and the valorization of a quality viticulture, mainly linked to the best local productions, all those able to lead our country in a bottle. Our vineyards are planted in espalier with a double guyot pruning system, with 5000 plants per hectare and a production of 1,5 kg of grapes per plant. The handling begins with the pruning of the buds and then the one of the bunches, with defoliation in the period of veraison to ensure an optimum maturity and even a majot grape health. Treatments and fertilizing follow the farming philosophy of low environmental impact. The collection happens when grapes maturation is complete and on average it is in the half of September.


After a short cold maceration the grapes are subjected to a soft pressing, the must obtained is brought to low temperatures and left for 72 hours shaking on pulp particled to guarantee the maximum extraction of all components contained within it. Then it is statically decanted at low temperature to obtain a clear must that is fermented in steel tanks at 15 °C using selected yeasts. The wine remains with fermenting yeast for 3 months at low temperature in order to exalt its organoleptic characteristics.

Organoleptic features

Straw-yellow colour with greenish highlights. Fragrance is intense not aromatic with a note of yellow fruit and flowers (seasoned apples, chamomile and jasmine). Great character and structure to the taste, agreeably soft. Final it comes back the typical almond scent.


the ideal one to match with the typical regional dishes such as: minestra di arzilla, pasta with broccoli, bucatini all’amatriciana, cacio e pepe, pasta e fagioli, gnocchi alla romana. Recommended also for poultry and cooked vegetables.

Service temperature recommended: 12 °C

Analytical data

Alcohol: 13% vol - Total acid level: 5,1g/L - pH: 3,50 - Sugar: 1,5 g/L