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Lazio Bianco



Clima e terreno

: I vigneti sono localizzati nelle campagne di Cori, alle pendici dei Monti Lepini, sotto l’influenza delle correnti marine che giungono dal litorale Laziale. Questo garantisce estati calde ed asciutte seguite da autunni freschi e ventilati, con forti escursioni termiche tra il giorno e la notte durante il periodo di maturazione delle uve. I terreni, di origine vulcanica, sono argillosi di medio impasto, con un equilibrato apporto di sostanze nutritive, che consentono lo sviluppo di una viticoltura di qualità



Sauvignon, an international variety of French origin, has a special place in our company's production being an unexpected phenotypic expression of great success and a source of pride, so that the care for our vineyards are targeted each year to increase even more the qualities that this variety has to offer us. Our vineyards are planted in espalier with a guyot pruning system, 80 cm far from the ground to offer the maximum expansion of the leaves. The handling begins with toppings from the bloom till the collection, to increase the synthesis of those compounds inside the grapes that can offer us a “breathtaking” product. The vineyards have 5000 plants per hectare and a production of 1,5 kg of grapes per plant. The handling begins with the pruning of the buds and then the one of the bunches, while treatments and fertilizing follow the farming philosophy of low environmental impact. The collection is at perfect achievement of phenolic aromatic ripening of the grapes which falls on the first days of September.


Since the collection, which takes place at night, the grapes are protected from oxidation using dry ice, which in addition to ensuring low temperatures allows the formation of an inert layer of carbon dioxide on grapes that prevents the degradation of the compounds. Promptly squeezed, the grapes are softly pressed. The must obtained is statically cold decanted and once limpid, it is inoculated with selected yeasts, paying more attention during all phases to minimize the oxidation risks. Then the wine refines in a reducing environment at low temperatures on its lees until bottling.

Organoleptic features

Soft straw-yellow colour with definite greenish highlights, the fragrance is characteristically marked by notes of tropical fruits (passion fruit), fishing and vegetal notes reminiscent of sage and boxwood. Fresh and persistent taste with a marked but elegant acidity, accompanied by a persistent minerality that encourages consumption.


The ideal one to match with all cooked and raw fish dishes. It combines in an extraordinary way with egg dishes and vegetables, including asparagus.

Service temperature recommended: 12 °C

Analytical data

Alcohol: 13,5% vol - Total acid level:5,7 g/L - pH: 3,30 - Sugar: 1 g/L